Possession is 9/10ths Of The Law

Winter Haiku to Truman

Oh! The injustice
You cry so piteously
Leave the damn hat on.


Pictured is the rainbow-striped gnome hat I knit for Grif two years ago, which he never wore. “Too itchy / hot / loose / tight, mommy.”

It now fits his little brother, who rips it off (like all head gear) as soon as he is out of my reach. Griffin snatched it off the floor of the car and squeezed his skull into it, claiming he now loves it. He was last seen at preschool dropoff vowing to wear it all day, and never take it off. Looks like I’ll have to knit another one in his current size, and then one for his sister. In my spare time.

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3 Responses to Possession is 9/10ths Of The Law

  1. z. says:

    And you have so much spare time! Isn’t that the way with kids? I have to say though, that’s one good-looking hat, want to knit me a couple, too? ;)

  2. grandma Sharon says:

    Wow I love the hat too. How could they not want to wear it? Happy knitting.

  3. grandma Sharon says:

    That covers the ears too for the poor ear infection that goes with the colds. Dad has now been put on drugs for an ear infection as his cough would not go away. Maybe he would look cute in such a hat too.