Lightning Fast


Truman learned how to sign “again” today, or at least he deigned to use it after the millionth time I asked him to. He also figured out how to get his own shirt off, more’s the pity. He has lovely new Ugg slippers from our friend and when one inevitably works its way off he picks it up and marches over to me chirping and waving it while waggling his naked foot at me for help.

He recently began threading his little block cars and will sit and sew up a necklace for himself for a surprisingly long time.

A few weeks ago his first word was “hot” which always comes with a cautionary hand gesture. He has added “quack”, “moo” and “kiss” in the last few days. (Pronounced kack, mehoooo and keh.) He is verbalizing constantly, babbling in very appropriate cadence and sounds. He adores the collection of Schleich animals we have from the first time through this stage with Maya and likes to make them kiss each other while he says, “Awwww”.

He loves the bath best of all, and he spends a lot of the day perched on the stool next to the tub wistfully throwing toys into the empty clawfoot and wishing that this time maybe they’ll float. Last night his brother took a bath and the stool wasn’t in the best viewing location so Tru toddled over to it and shoved it into prime position before mounting it and clutching the lip of the tub and catcalling Griffin. Tonight I left him in the bathroom watching the tub fill while I went to get a towel and upon my return discovered all my clothes, his clothes, and the bath mat swirling around in the shallow water.

He is suddenly having definite opinions about how things should go, what he should be given immediately, and how he will NOT be fed. He prefers to dump 64 spoonfuls of yogurt down his sweater before getting one in his mouth instead of just letting me help. As an experienced mom now, I just stopped giving him yogurt and moved on to ricotta cheese (much more clumpy and easily managed.)

His takes short cat naps once or twice a day interspersed with a four hour sleep of the dead nap every third day; nighttime is more restful than ever for the both of us, with him nursing a bit but mostly sacked out. It is probably time to start putting him in his crib for sleeping. I need to check the old blog to find out when we started the other two. In other news, my memory hasn’t improved.

The baby is falling away and the boy is emerging. A smart, funny, willful kid, with a deep love of the people he sees regularly and a fair bit of preference for me, and a marked lack of fear. He never crawls, and hasn’t since he gave it up for Chanukah.

I’m keeping up with him, but barely.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Love love love this line

    He never crawls, and hasn’t since he gave it up for Chanukah.