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Game on!

This looks like my two kids working out a set of rules and playing a respectful calm game on their own before school. Clearly the bodysnatchers came for them in the night. It is such a rarity that when they … Continue reading

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Pretty Cool

I pulled this little book out of my son’s backpack this morning as we were waiting for the bus and he grabbed it and read it aloud to us all, stopping to let his little brother ask questions about the … Continue reading

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My World is Tiny Yet so Full

Post nap. He staggers awake, sits up and wobbles until he comes to enough to remember what he was looking for – oh! right! “NURSING, Mommy! Now, pease. No, udder side.” (Pun, sadly, lost on him.) The boy is working … Continue reading

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# 3

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Tooth # 3

We braved the early stages of hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”, to make our now annual trek to the Boston area for Halloween in the city with cousins. It was easy driving, although we didn’t arrive until 1am. I prefer it … Continue reading

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Never leave your computer on with the Crafty Crow site open if you have an artist in the house. You will be overrun with holiday decorations before you can say Boo!

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She loves her applesauce. Three bushels canned,the one more to go. I’m a bit tired.

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Tooth # 2

It feel out while we were buying hockey equipment. She spot it out through the grill of her helmet into my hand and laced up her skates. I love six. I’m napping now so Gwyneth (our tooth fairy) well be … Continue reading

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Maman Interdit

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to who in the house is the disciplinarian? I just had to explain the signs in our French book, the “passage interdit” circle with the line crossing out forbidden things. That’s “Nora” there … Continue reading

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(Dis) Orientation

Egads,  it’s really happening. 

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