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Operation Good Behavior, day 1

In an attempt to help the five and a half year old have better impulse control at school while sitting next to his other control-impaired buddies and doing fine motor work, I decided he needs to arrive physically exhausted. It’s … Continue reading

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Game on!

This looks like my two kids working out a set of rules and playing a respectful calm game on their own before school. Clearly the bodysnatchers came for them in the night. It is such a rarity that when they … Continue reading

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Red flannel, polka dot fabric, and a couple of worn-through knees. I can’t wait to surprise my beloved boy tomorrow morning with his new fab jeans. Mornings are hard for him lately, and transitions are worse. This will hopefully bring … Continue reading

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Waiting for the bus

The boys love to shovel the path with grandpa while we wait for the bus. I drink my coffee while holding the leash of our newest, and third, dog so he acclimated to our family and its rhythms.

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My World is Tiny Yet so Full

Post nap. He staggers awake, sits up and wobbles until he comes to enough to remember what he was looking for – oh! right! “NURSING, Mommy! Now, pease. No, udder side.” (Pun, sadly, lost on him.) The boy is working … Continue reading

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For a kid who is finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate socks, shoes, tags, lumps, bunchy fabric, and a myriad other sensory stimuli against his skin, Converse high tops are a perfect fit. I went through three other pairs of … Continue reading

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(Dis) Orientation

Egads,  it’s really happening. 

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The end of an Era

I suspect I will have precious few more days like this, with all the kids in the napping bed. The Bigs are off to camp for half the summer, then on to kindergarten in the fall. The baby toddler is … Continue reading

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A five year old needs kicks that are magnificent. These seriously fit the bill. Not to mention a new garbage truck. And the day is still young even though my middle child is not.

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Epic Day

Simple day, but some real progress. It is indeed the small things. My son, the truck lover, doesn’t like the fine-motor crafts. He’s made that abundantly clear time and time again. Please humor me, then, when I post a picture … Continue reading

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