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Waiting for the bus

The boys love to shovel the path with grandpa while we wait for the bus. I drink my coffee while holding the leash of our newest, and third, dog so he acclimated to our family and its rhythms.

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The baby is in here somewhere…

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Five Words

(Thump) Truman slides off the bed while I groan at the 6:45 am clock face. (Shuffle shuffle shuffle) he moseys over to the window while I play possum under the duvet. (Gasp!) (Tromp fastshuffle tromp fastshuffle) All it takes is … Continue reading

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Movie Night!

Movie night at the homestead. Mama returned home from her week away just in time to join us. “Muppet’s Treasure Island”, popcorn and root beer. I’m having a renewed love affair with Jim Henson – the Muppets are funny for … Continue reading

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Tooth # 3

We braved the early stages of hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”, to make our now annual trek to the Boston area for Halloween in the city with cousins. It was easy driving, although we didn’t arrive until 1am. I prefer it … Continue reading

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Go On. I Dare You.

Show me something cuter than this sleeping baby. Not possible.

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What Caving Looks Like

Nights are in the 30s, days are rainy and in the 40s, and I need two duvets on my bed. I’ve caved and turned on the heat. I love our heat source. It cheers my days and make the evenings … Continue reading

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Mighty Hunter

Merlin is having a field day with flies, moths, and any rodent stupid enough to breach our perimeter. He is also protecting the family from marauding midnight rolls of toilet paper, area rugs, and pipe cleaners. After a stealth attack … Continue reading

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We adopted Smokey Joe Wizard Merlin from one of our local SPCAs. I must have talked a good game during the interview because the shelter manager just handed him over with no reference checks or wait period. She asked me … Continue reading

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My friend and I are trading mornings taking care of each other’s kids. It is so fun having two babies in the house again, even for just a few hours a week. Gotta run – it is full on here!

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